The Biological Reason Women Believe Men’s Dating Lies

Women love to listen. The love to listen to men. They love to listen to their friends. They even love to listen to poetry. This is one of the qualities that makes them so caring and special. It is also one of the qualities that hurts them in a relationship.A guy knows that when a women is finished with him for real, that she will not listen to him any more. She will not take his calls. She will not read his emails. She will not even return his text messages. All the listening has stopped.A guy also knows that no matter how mad a woman is at him, if he can talk to her long enough she will forgive him. All he has to do is keep talking. This lets him know that the woman is really not finished with him. That she is listening for a reason to forgive him.We all say that actions speak louder than words, but it is the words that will win a woman’s heart. Sure we all need to see the evidence, but if given the chance a woman will believe what she hears for more than what she sees. If you think I am lying just look at this scenario.A guy has two women. Both say that they wish he would make up his mind. They both say, “Why doesn’t he just tell me what he wants to do”. Get she wants to “hear” it. Regardless of the fact that his actions have clearly shown what he had decided.In fact he is saying that he has made his choice, but the women just don’t want to hear this. For some reason they need to hear the words. They want to believe that he is really going to choose them. Wrong.You don’t have to fall for this. On my webisite I share with women how to get around being a victim of the listening lies. You can avoid these jerks, but you just have to know what to do. I wish you the best in your dating.